OKSSDC Disco Fever

November 1st-2nd

Hosted by Wichita Dance Beat, this year's theme is Disco Fever!

Whether you compete or social dance, come out and support your West Coast Swing Club. Mark your calendars for November 1st-2nd! The groovy Ruth Gilbert will be DJing and THE Barry Jones will MC, as well as give a workshop at 12:00p.m. on that Saturday! Tickets are $70 for the weekend.



Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn_edited.jpg

Room rates: $69.99
Call: (316) 942-5600

Disco Ball

2019 Oklahoma - Kansas State Swing Dance Championships Championships

November 1-2, 2019
Red Roof Inn
6815 W Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67209



Wichita Dance Beat
Cathy Fieser


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